GI Complete Powder

GI Complete Powder

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About the Ingredients:
L-glutamine -
 to fuel intestinal cells and maintain villi.

Arabinogalactans - to support the immune system, aid regularity and support the production of beneficial bacteria.

DMG HCL - Research indicates DMG may help modulating immune response and for the treatment of inflammatory disease. DMG has been used for over 20 years to modulate inflammation in the GI System and help support immune function.

Licorice Root (glycyrrhiza glabra) - to help soothe the gut wall.

Aloe Vera 100:1 - to support the body’s ability to heal the lining of the stomach and keep the folds and pockets of the colon free of toxic material that gather there.

Slippery Elm Bark - to reduce bowel transit time, absorb toxins from the bowel; increase fecal bulk and enhance beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Zinc L-Carnosine - to help stabilize small bowel integrity, stimulate gut repair processes and help minimize free radical damage to gastric mucosal cells.

Marshmallow Root (Althaea officinalis) - to soothe the gut.